Trade Fair Trailblazer


Client: The Hub
Services: Editorial, Design


"I was immediately struck by KYU's professionalism, focus and clarity... this is the best version of The Hub Journal we have done so far!"

- Richard Hobbs, Co-founder of The Hub

Based in Hong Kong and Shanghai, The HUB is Asia’s premier fashion trade fair, connecting a bevy of emerging and cult brands with buyers, boutique owners and retailers across the Asia Pacific. The bi-annual event is partly owned by ITE Moda, which also owns and operates the leading fashion trade shows in the UK: Jacket Required, Scoop, Bubble, and Moda.


The HUB welcomes visitors from all over the world on a bi-annual basis. In order to centralise and streamline communications with brands and buyers attending, KYU was commissioned to create a custom print magazine. The goal of the project was to communicate exhibition guidelines, participating brands and their stories, a curated guide to Hong Kong for foreign visitors, and in-depth industry articles.


During this project, KYU worked closely with The HUB to ensure that there was a balance of lifestyle and industry content to suit a variety of needs. The publication, similar to all other brand touch points, had a clean design. This allowed the publucation to feel both signature but also neutral enough to work with the diverse range of brands and content on offer.


A condensed and highly informative publication was created, providing everyone at The HUB the perfect guide to both the happenings and events at the trade fair.