Mediterranean Bounty


Client: Bayta
Services: Art Direction, Photography, Styling


“"The devil is in the details, and KYU certainly understands this better than anyone. They are incredibly focused on the client's needs and specifics. A great team to work with."

- Critobal Huneeus, Co-founder of Bayta

Located on a quaint and quiet street adjacent to antique shops and art galleries, Bayta is a restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine with a cozy atmosphere. The interiors feature warm chocolate and teal tones and a vibrant copper finish, all of which helps to create an intimate dining experience.


Restaurants in Hong Kong face stiff competition, with an industry landscape that shifts rapidly according to food trends and marketing hype. As part of its opening launch, Bayta needed to ensure that its brand reached the audience in a succinct and visually striking way. KYU was commisioned to conceptualise and create a series of image collateral for the brand.


As part of Bayta's hopes in communicating their elevated by cozy dining experience, KYU captured images that balanced restaurant polish with a hint of casual charm. Copper cutlery is placed on top of napkins that are slightly askew. Bright sunlight captures the vivid colours and textures of the restaurant's dishes.  


Images created were used as part of Bayta's digital and media outreach program, and were featured in notable publications like Design Anthology, Tatler, Baccarat, South China Morning Post and Time Out Magazine.