Intimate Dwellings


Client: Home Journal Magazine (Edipresse)
Services: Editorial, Photography

“The KYU team is able to translate a brief beautifully, while also infusing new ideas and interesting perspectives to the project. Organised, professional and a joy to work with — they're just the type of creative collaborators that editors need.”

- Kissa Castañeda, Strategic Content Director of Edipresse

With a readership of over 220,000 people, Home Journal is one of Hong Kong’s premiere interior magazines, celebrating not only well-designed spaces, but the talented and creative people behind them as well. The publication operates as part of publishing house Edipresse Media, and runs as a bilingual, monthly publication.


As part of it's longstanding history, Home Journal recently reached their 35th year anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, the magazine organised a pop-up exhibition at Liangyi Museum, entitled “At Home In Hong Kong”, to celebrate homes of the past, present and future.


Executing content for the exhibition’s ‘present’ section, KYU photographed and interviewed several of Hong Kong’s leaders in fashion, food and design, including Michelin-star chef Vicky Lau, Michelle Lai of MISCHA, JJ. Acuna of The Wanderlister, and Arnault Castel of Kapok.  


Editorial content for the interview subjects were displayed on the magazine’s newly-revamped website leading up to the event, with life-sized photos displayed in the exhibition space’s clean and contemporary space.