Great Northern Star


Client: Pre Helsinki
Services: Brand Development, Public Relations, Design, Photography, Event Production

“With a wide knowledge of design and fashion combined with excellent contacts and an understanding of branding and marketing, KYU was a perfect partner for our projects.”

- Martta Louekari, Co-Founder of Pre Helsinki

Pre Helsinki is a platform that empowers Finnish fashion designers, helping them gain international contacts and business opportunities. Part of the association's initiatives is a yearly showcase event in Helsinki, which presents the country's most creative and talented designers to an international audience. Brands represented include Satu Maaranen, Juslin Maunula and ensæmble. 


Following a successful Shanghai tour the year before, which saw press and business opportunities with Leaf Greener, JNBY, Vision Magazine and other notable Mainland Chinese companies, Pre Helsinki was looking to enter the Hong Kong market to expand their reach further.


As part of an initial diagnosis, KYU flew to Helsinki to visit several Finnish designers and understand their needs. Equipped with this knowledge and a deeper understanding of each individual designer’s goals, the company established bespoke programmes in Hong Kong.  


As part of their debut into Hong Kong, designers were able to meet some of the city’s most influential buyers, stylists and media from companies . An intimate model presentation was also organised in association with the Finnish Consulate, which directly translated to coverage in South China Morning Post, Tatler Magazine, Home Journal Magazine, Obscura Magazine and a cover story with China Daily.