Dreams of Alchemy


Client: Fernberry
Services: Art Direction, Photography, Design, Copywriting

“KYU was such a pleasure to work with... [t]hey offer amazing creative and styling talent that always meets our taste. ”

- Fern Koh, Founder of Fernberry

Fernberry is a skincare brand featuring pure, natural ingredients and leading scientific technology. Manufactured in Japan, the company was founded by beauty veteran Fern Koh, who set her sights on creating products free of malpractices and packed with the nutrients of potent and natural ingredients.


As part of Fernberry's push to raise brand awareness, the brand needed to communicate its story in a saturated marketplace. Whilst sold online, the company was also looking for ways to reach customers and media figures in a more personal and tactile way in the hopes of creating a memorable impression.


Through discussions, KYU helped to uncover and discover the characteristics that identify Fernberry's brand positioning. Using a set of branded postcards to communicate the brand, KYU leveraged on these discussions and insights to produce imagery, design and copywriting collateral. 


The result is a set of alchemy-inspired postcards created to reflect Fernberry’s soft, human touch approach. The images convey the skincare brand’s approach to products, one which combines scientific precision with a heartfelt spirit.