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January 21, 2016

Has Fashion Lost Touch With Reality?


Balenciaga SS17 Campaign | Image Source: Balenciaga

Numerous media outlets have recently commented about the striking similarities between Balenciaga’s Arena leather holdall bag and Ikea’s iconic blue bag. People have remarked that whilst the design and colour of both are eerily similar, there is a drastic price difference between the two: US$2,145 for the luxury bag versus US$0.99 for the cheap, plastic version.

Read Twitter or the comment section of any of these articles, and the responses have been varied, though somewhat predictable. There are the comments that suggest the fashion industry is now nothing more than an over-priced and over-hyped bubble. Judgment is also made about the hypothetical patron of this Balenciaga bag: usually someone who is described as having more money than sense, and blindly follows trends.

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